41 years old in Reiwa is full of cuteness” The reason why a woman who spent 9 million to become a “beautiful girl”

After undergoing plastic surgery at the age of 36, MiRichan is still pursuing “cuteness” at the age of 41. With a doll-like visual, there were reactions such as, “You’re older than me!?? This cuteness is amazing. It’s amazing to be someone who can always be beautiful.” She said, “In the past, I couldn’t imagine myself turning 40, so I thought I would never become an old lady.” I asked him how his view changed.

–Ms. MiRichan, who is currently 41 years old. There are comments such as “I’m 41 years old in Reiwa and full of cuteness”, “I can’t believe I’m the same age”, “I think it’s really amazing to be over 40 with this…I honestly envy you”.

[MiRichan] It makes me happy to think that my presence gives people even a little bit of courage and hope. I think it would be great if people could get rid of the idea of ​​”how old a man or woman should be”, and everyone could live their own lives. If you live in your own way, it will become a world where there will be no criticism, disdain or jealousy of those around you. In order to create such a world, first of all, I would like you to look at yourself and live for yourself, instead of criticizing, disparaging, and being jealous of others.

 [MiRichan] For me, plastic surgery was initially motivated by curiosity and simply wanting to be a little prettier. But now, I think it gave me the opportunity to rethink things other than my appearance, like, “I’ve worked hard to become cute, so I won’t do anything that doesn’t make me feel cute!” I think it’s thanks to plastic surgery that I have what I am now, and that I have many thoughts and can accept many people because I had plastic surgery.

――On the other hand, you also have your own frank opinions about plastic surgery and beauty.

[MiRichan] The thoughts of my posts are not all about what happened to me, but when I see the thoughts of various people, what they are sad or angry about, and express my thoughts based on that. I’m here. It may be easy to sympathize because it’s not just an event in yourself.

When I was young, I was afraid of aging, but when I turned 30, “I realized that no matter how old I am, it’s fair and fun to be cute.”

――Did your sense of beauty change as you got older?

[MiRichan] In the past, I really couldn’t imagine myself becoming 30 or 40, and I thought I would never become an aunt or grandmother. She thought she would die at 30 rather than become an aunt. I think that there are many young children today who cannot imagine themselves as they grow older. But you will definitely get older. When I actually turned 30, I was happy in real life, and fortunately I was blessed with my appearance. I realized that no matter how old I am, if I can be cute, it’s justice, it’s fun. However, there are many people in the world who judge only by age numbers.

Women, in particular, will only lose money. So I hid my age from the beginning. But can’t this be the power that I can change? That’s why I decided to announce my age, wondering if I can give hope to those who are suffering. From now on, I think I have to be careful not to be judged by only one aspect in various aspects, not just appearance.

――While there is an admiration for anti-aging and a youthful way of life, there is also a way of thinking that it is good to say and act “appropriate for one’s age.”

[MiRichan] As for the idea of ​​”appropriate age”, I think it’s fine as it is. However, the way of life that says, “I wish I could be cute no matter how old I am,” is also a selfish way of life, so I wondered if I would go out of my way to say a few words. From my point of view, it’s far from being appropriate for my age to say something unnecessary and to force my thoughts on it. After that, I would like to ask you to talk about your age.

――MiRichan, you’re constantly pursuing your own “cuteness”, but do you still have a complex about yourself?

[MiRichan] If you just have a complex about your appearance, then you have a complex about your height. There’s nothing I can do about this… No matter how thin I am, I can never look good. If it’s an internal part, I reflect on it each time, but the situation and thoughts change every second, so I don’t always feel that I don’t like it. I myself have 180 degrees different thoughts and various parts, so I think I can accept various parts of people even if I can’t understand them.

――Overcoming complexes, daring to look away, and accepting things after facing them. Which do you think is important?

[MiRichan] I don’t feature my complexes one by one. It’s not the same as turning away, but once you see a complex, you leave it alone without accepting it or curing it. You may be looking at the complex like someone else’s problem. I don’t think about complexes very much, so I don’t think I will choose any of the options of overcoming them, turning a blind eye, or facing them and accepting them.

――What do you want to be in the future?

[MiRichan] From now on, I would like to choose “fun” with a simple idea without overdoing it. I don’t like working hard and trying hard, so I think I need to be able to do it… but it seems difficult (laughs). Have fun in your own capa!

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