Commemorating the release of “Movie Depupuri”! Four voice actors play a game! Who is good at reporting food? Who seems to like children’s lunches?

Commemorating the release of "Movie Depupuri"! Four voice actors play a game! Who is good at reporting food? Who seems to like children's lunches?

The stage of the story is the children’s lunch theme park . A video interview was conducted with Manran/Cure Yum Yum) and Ai Kayano (Amane Kasai/Cure Finale). While playing the “pointing” game, I asked him about the highlights of the movie and his memories of children’s lunches.

 The movie is set in a “children’s lunch” theme park that suddenly appeared in a delicious town one day. There are many food-themed attractions such as the rice ball tower, the bread wheel, and the ramen coaster. Kazumi Yui and her friends enjoy themselves at Dreamia, but something strange happens in the park. A story unfolds in which Pretty Cure, who believes in the power of her rice and confronts difficulties, and Komekome’s longing desire to become a hero like Yui, create a big miracle.

 This time, the “pointing” game prepared as a video project is to draw a piece of paper one by one from the box containing the paper on which the theme is written, and point to the person who thinks it is the most appropriate. thing. The prepared questions were, “Who seems to like children’s lunch?” Each cast is pointing while talking about the reason.

 In addition, I asked about the highlights of each of the characters in charge.

[Kana Hishikawa] This is a very important work for Yui-chan, and it might completely change your image of Yui-chan! Yui-chan hits a big wall, but she has a lot of scenes where she grows a lot, so please watch it!

[Risa Shimizu] When Pampam takes on a human form, there’s a scene where they hug, it’s really cute! (laughs) Don’t miss it! Please look forward to it because it is a work that is fun and will make you feel relaxed at the end.

[Yuka Iguchi] The figure of them having fun at the theme park is cute, but the scene where the four of them work together to fight is cool! Among them, Yum Yum’s action scene is very impressive, so please look forward to it!

[Ai Kayano] Maybe the roller coaster at ? (Laughs) I thought I would be able to see Amane’s new expression. As a cure finale, it’s to support the three people here! There is a scene that I thought was strong in the movie, so please look forward to it.

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