Core cooler for summer running

Core cooler for summer running

Heat countermeasure items that were a hit last year in harsh environments

Please see the table below first.

According to data from the Japan Meteorological Agency, over the past three years, the average temperature in August in Tokyo has exceeded 24.5°C, even at the lowest temperature, making it a harsh environment for running.

Therefore, many people may give up running in the summer due to the heat.

Tokyo average temperature in August

average temperatureaverage maximum temperatureaverage minimum temperatureHighest temperatureLowest Temperature

(Source: Japan Meteorological Agency/Meteorological Data)

That said, running is an exercise that is only effective if it is continued, and runners who have already made it a habit will not feel calm unless they run. Optimal temperature cold storage material is a hit item in such a situation of “I want to run, but I don’t want to run”.

TEKION is a unique cold storage material that applies the technology cultivated in liquid crystal material research by electronics manufacturer Sharp.

Focusing on suppressing the rise in core body temperature, which is the temperature of the core of the body, by cooling the palms at an appropriate temperature of 12°C. Descente, a sports brand, has teamed up to develop an attachment that holds the appropriate temperature cooling material.

By making it glove-shaped, there is no need to keep gripping the cold storage material, so it is less likely to interfere with hand operability such as grasping things. In addition to sports scenes, it can be used in various scenes such as watching sports, going to work, and going out for shopping.

When it was released as a core cooler from Descente in June 2020, it received a great response.

Core cooler (glove type) : 3,960 yen (tax included)
Colors: black, blue, gray, red
* 2 gloves (for both hands) and 2 cold storage materials included

Not too cold, just the right cooling temperature (12°C) to reduce the rise in core body temperature

Until now, it was considered good to cool the neck, armpits, and groin with ice or a cold insulator as a measure against heat.

However, it was found that cooling the palm away from the brain is more effective than cooling the area close to the brain, and if it is cooled too much, the blood vessels will contract and the blood will not circulate through the body, resulting in insufficient effect. .

The appropriate temperature cooling material developed by Sharp is the perfect cooling temperature (12°C) that does not cause pain due to being too cold even if it is applied to the skin for a long time. It is a completely new optimal temperature cold storage material that can be used.

The palm has special blood vessels called AVA blood vessels that regulate body temperature.

Sharp and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have found that by cooling the blood that passes through these blood vessels, the chilled blood circulates around the body temperature, lowering the core body temperature (core body temperature).

In addition, since the AVA blood vessels that regulate body temperature are found not only in the palms of the hands but also in the cheeks and the soles of the feet, a face guard was born with a new idea of ​​cooling the AVA blood vessels in the cheeks with a cooling material.

It has been well received as an item that can be worn during outdoor sports during the corona crisis, and is also used by top athletes who are required to demonstrate high performance even in hot environments.

Cooling duration is about 30 minutes. However, even if the appropriate temperature cooling material melts completely by wearing it, it will freeze in the freezer for more than 2 hours. It also freezes at around 5°C, so you can store it in the refrigerator. The appropriate temperature cold storage material can be used any number of times.

“Core Cooler” 2nd edition, 3 items with a wider range of use appeared

Now, we offer core cooler foot covers for cooling after exercise, rest and sleep, core cooler 3D arm covers with UV protection, and suitable temperature 3D cooling face guards that use 3D cutting for a better fit. Let’s introduce.

According to the person in charge of development, fitting is common to the three points. It is said that the material selection and design were done so that it fits the body even when the appropriate temperature cooling material is put in.

[Part 1] Core cooler foot cover
* 2 foot covers (for both feet) and 2 cold storage materials

The foot cover is an item that is used by inserting a suitable temperature cooling material in the arch of the foot.

Since there is a risk of damage to the appropriate temperature cooling material, it is used for after-cooling after exercise and pre-cooling before exercise rather than standing or walking while wearing it. Therefore, it is not a solid supporter, but a comfortable item that is easy to put on and take off like socks.

Furthermore, if used during sleep, it works favorably in terms of fatigue recovery, so you can expect smooth sleep onset and improved sleep quality.

Kozo Hirata, a professor at Kobe Women’s University, who studies AVA blood vessels, said, “When the AVA blood vessels dilate due to exercise or a rise in temperature, actively cooling the hands and feet at a temperature that does not constrict the blood vessels can reduce the core body temperature to normal body temperature. It leads to a decrease to , and works favorably in terms of fatigue recovery.”

It is recommended to use a core cooler at that timing to see how deep sleep you can get in the first 90 minutes of sleep.

[Part 2] Core cooler 3D arm cover
* 2 arm covers (for both hands), 2 cold storage materials included

The arm cover is an item that covers up to the cuffs and is an improved version of the existing glove type.

This was developed because there are many female users of the “core cooler” and there was a request. The arms are UV (UPF50+) and have a 3D design that provides a good fit and prevents them from slipping off.

The back of the elbow, which is prone to sweating, has a mesh structure that makes it comfortable to wear.

[Part 3] Suitable temperature 3D cooling face guard

By adopting a new 3D cutting from the existing suitable temperature cooling face guard, it is easier to breathe, achieving a higher fit and lighter weight. Made of sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material, it also uses a UPF 30 UV cut function material.

The appropriate temperature cooling material on both cheeks fits the dimples of the cheeks, so it does not slip easily, and by covering the mouth, it can be used as an etiquette to suppress splashes to the surroundings, so it can be worn outdoors in general on and off occasions.

A city runner actually used the latest item of “Core Cooler”

We asked city runners living in Tokyo to actually try out the latest 3 “Core Cooler” items.

Hiroki Takahara. he is 42 years old. art director. He is a city runner who started running once or twice a week for about three years. During the summer, he would put water in a running bottle and keep himself hydrated while pouring water over his head as a countermeasure against the heat.

“I put on the Core Cooler foot cover to cool down after running. First of all, I was surprised at how well it fits my feet without slipping. It’s very comfortable to rest my feet while lying down, and my fatigue is healed. I felt it go away.

I also used it before going to bed and it worked great. It healed the tiredness of my feet from daily life, and I was able to sleep comfortably with a “not too cold and not too warm temperature” feeling. I’m addicted to it now and use it every night. (Mr. Takahara)

Next, I asked them to use the appropriate temperature 3D cooling face guard.

“As soon as I put it on, my face felt cool, and it felt good. I was a little worried about it slipping due to the weight of the cooling material while running. It has good breathability and breathes much better than a normal mask. It was easy to do.” (Mr. Takahara)

Lastly, the Core Cooler 3D Arm Cover felt a little hot as it covers the arms.

“If you are a runner who cares about sunburn, such as women, I think it is good for UV protection. I think there are individual differences, but I felt a little hot when my arms were covered. Only the palms of my hands. Considering the effect of , it was cool and cool.

The glove type, which cools only the palm of your hand, doesn’t seem to make you feel any stress while running, so I’d like to try it next time. (Mr. Takahara)

The core cooler foot cover, suitable temperature 3D cooling face guard, and core cooler 3D arm cover introduced this time can be washed at home. Therefore, if you are concerned about dirt or smell after use, you can easily wash it for peace of mind.

Why don’t you spend the hot summer comfortably by using the new idea of ​​the appropriate temperature cooling material that effectively lowers the deep temperature with just the right cooling temperature of 12 degrees Celsius instead of refraining from activities in the heat wave? .

By cooling and wearing it when relaxing at home or before going to bed, it effectively lowers the core body temperature and recovers the body. You will be able to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle the next day.

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