How do I refuse the Linky meter to preserve my health?

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How to open a Linky meter?

How to open your Linky meter with Total Direct Énergie, Engie or Vattenfall?

Commissioning a Linky meter is identical to commissioning a conventional electricity meter. Indeed, you must subscribe to an energy offer with a supplier who will estimate your energy consumption and request the services of Enedis to commission the electricity meter.

Since the opening of the French energy market to competition, you can choose your alternative energy supplier like Mint Énergie, Ilek or Total Direct Énergie, for example. You can find details of Total Direct Energie’s offers by clicking here .

It is necessary to compare the price of the subscription and the kWh of the different energy offers to choose an energy contract adapted to your needs and your budget.

Tariffs for classic offers in the basic tariff option for 6 kVA on 1 January 2020:

Supplier OfferSubscription price (€ incl. VAT/year)Price per kWh (€ incl. VAT/kWh)
Engie Elec Energy 2-year warranty128.160.157
Total Direct Energy Classic offer119.760.1465
ENI Astucio Eco132.380.15110
Mint Energy Classic & Green119.760.1425

How to choose the most suitable energy supplier: the Eni, Planète Oui or Plüm opinions?

Nevertheless, the plurality of energy offers and energy suppliers can make you lose your head and despite online comparators, it is not easy to subscribe to the best energy offer. In addition, beyond the price of the invoice, you must also take into account other criteria to opt for the best energy.

  • Availability and responsiveness of customer service
  • Dispute management
  • Solving problems related to invoices, for example
  • Telephone canvassing

You can easily consult Eni , Happ-e or EDF reviews on the official sites of energy suppliers, forums and independent sites such as UFC Que Choisir. Customer reviews of an energy supplier can help you make your choice quickly.

Is it legally possible to refuse the installation of a Linky meter in one’s home?

Who owns your electricity meter?

Officially, you are not the owner of your home’s electricity meter. Indeed, it belongs to your local authority which delegates its maintenance, calibration and monitoring to the main manager of the electricity distribution network, i.e. Enedis or a Local Distribution Company (ELD) for 5% of French territory. Consequently, Enedis or the Local Distribution Company must replace the electricity meter despite your disagreement, but the technician does not have the right to enter your home without your consent to carry out this operation.

How to refuse the installation of a Linky meter?

You can easily win your case if you refuse the installation of a Linky meter, but since the installation of Linky meters is mandatory, you may expose yourself to financial penalties, or even termination of the contract in a few years. In fact, for the moment, no procedure is planned to register a refusal and Enedis and the Local Distribution Companies (ELD) try to communicate on the advantages of these new electricity meters to convince the less convinced French households.

However, if you wish to oppose the installation of the Linky electricity meter, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the attention of the distributor upon receipt of the informative letter from Enedis which informs the occupants of a dwelling of the passage of the technician. You can also notify your refusal directly to Enedis a few months before the deployment of Linky meters in your geographical area. You can find the Linky deployment map on this link .

You can refuse the installation of the Linky electricity meter for health reasons and/or to protect your personal data, but Enedis will probably request the replacement of the electricity meter again in the years to come, after the total deployment of the Linky meters on French territory. .

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