Le Coq Sportif is recommended for cycling pants! Cordura material and removable pads are attractive 

Le Coq Sportif is recommended for cycling pants! Cordura material and removable pads are attractive.JPG

Repurposed highly durable CORDURA material for bicycles

CORDURA is a brand that produces nylon fiber fabrics with excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength, and boasts a history of over 50 years.

It has gained support in harsh sites such as mountain climbing and military, and is now expanding its support to many scenes such as outdoor activities, sports, and workwear.

There is an image of tough and thick fabric, but in recent years, a variety of materials have been released, and thin and highly stretchable fabrics have been released.

Such a fabric is also used for “CORDURA Detachable Fittable Pants”. While maintaining the characteristics of high abrasion resistance and tear strength, it is a material that is highly breathable and easy to remove.

Although it looks casual, it has details that allow you to really enjoy the bike.

Coq Sportif CORDURA Dedatchable Fittable Pants : 18,590 yen (tax included)

The good thing about these pants is that at first glance, they have a smart silhouette that looks like outdoor wear, but they are also fully functional as bicycle wear.

When you ride a sports bike, the first thing that bothers you is the pain in your buttocks, but it also has a built-in pad to prevent it.

The fabric of the pants is water repellent, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a little rain.

Glambike series pads use a unique hammock structure. Apart from the fabric of the pants body, the pad itself is floating, making it extremely comfortable.

Many general cycling pants have pads sewn directly to the buttocks, so the buttocks look bulky, but this problem is solved.

These pants have a structure that is even easier to remove the pad. If you remove the pad when not riding a bicycle, the pants can be used not only outdoors but also for everyday use.

The waist part is not a belt, but a structure that tightens with a drawcord. Sports bikes, which often lean forward, are appreciated for their ease of adjustment with plenty of room around the waist.

If you look closely, the seam of the fabric on the back is slightly shifted to the side. This is a consideration to take advantage of the stretchability of the fabric to make it easier to pedal. The draping around the knees makes it easy to move.

Sports bikes have scenes where the pedals are turned at high speed, so this kind of construction makes a big difference when riding for a long time.

The Le Coq Sportif logo is the same color as the fabric, and is usually not very noticeable. However, since it is a retroreflective material, it is made to reflect when illuminated by light. It gives you a sense of security when driving on dark roads.

The hem is also treated with retroreflective material, and the hem can be tightened with Velcro. When riding a bicycle, you can squeeze it to prevent the hem from flapping. The Velcro is hidden inside the pants and is inconspicuous.

Enjoy freedom of movement and breathability

Coq Sportif CORDURA Dedatchable Fittable Pants : 18,590 yen (tax included)
Jacket : 19,800 yen (tax included)
[Scheduled to be sold in mid-September] Gloves: 5,060 yen (tax included)

When it comes to cycling wear, many people imagine cycling jerseys that fit tightly to the body, but with that kind of clothing, stopping by a cafe during cycling can be a bit of a hurdle. right.

To enjoy cycling, ease of movement and breathability are important, but I want it to look like ordinary outdoor wear. For such people, the Glambike series is just right. Few people will notice that it is a bicycle wear by the appearance.

However, when you actually ride a road bike, it feels light, stretchy and easy to pedal, so you can enjoy cycling as comfortably as a cycling jersey.

I tried running with a higher cadence (pedal speed), but I didn’t feel any stress around my knees or lower back.

Since it is made of CORDURA material, I imagined it to be a thicker fabric, but it is very thin and has good breathability. It’s light and comfortable to wear, and it’s highly stretchable, so it’s comfortable even in hot weather.

Another point is the pad in the buttocks. If you ride a road bike for a long time, your butt will hurt first, but it doesn’t hurt at all with a pad.

However, padded cycling wear is full of serious designs, so a look like these pants that can be worn normally in the city is valuable.

Up until now, I’ve worn half pants over padded cycling pants, but it gets stuffy in hot weather, and it’s not very comfortable because the two pants are out of alignment during the ride. There was no.

With these pants, you only need one pair, so you don’t have to worry about that.

In addition, since the pad floats with a hammock structure, the pad fits in just the right position even when standing or sitting.

If the pad is sewn on the pants itself, the position of the pad may be misaligned in such a scene, and it is necessary to correct the position while rowing after sitting, but you don’t have to worry about that. It’s good, so the stress will be reduced.

It seems to be useful not only for cycling but also for everyday use

Cycling isn’t the only way to use a bicycle. In fact, it is more likely to be used in such ways as going out for a short walk or doing some shopping.

One of the great things about the Glambike series is that you can wear them casually.

Serious cycling wear is surprisingly difficult to wear as everyday wear, and if you ride a road bike, you want to avoid wearing clothes that are difficult to move.

These pants are simple, so they are easy to coordinate with other outfits, and they are as easy to move as a cycling jersey. There are plenty of pockets, so it’s easy to put small items in, making it perfect for casual cycling.

If you remove the pads, these pants will be useful when you go out to play in the neighborhood or go shopping.

We also have these pants!

Coq Sportif Air Stylish CORDURA Quarter Pants : 10,890 yen (tax included)

Glambike series pants using the same CORDURA material, but this one has no padding.

For short-distance cycling or outings, this is more affordable and easier to use. The front-opening structure makes it easy to wear, and the pockets on the thighs are convenient.

Coq Sportif Air Stylish CORDURA Cycling Pants : 11,990 yen (tax included)

This is the same construction as the pants above, but with a longer hem. It seems to be suitable for the season when it is getting cooler.

There is also a pocket on the thigh, and even if you put a large smartphone in it, the silhouette will not collapse, so you can wear it smartly.

The hem is made of flat rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in the chain.

This is the second time I’ve tried the Glambike series pants, but the CORDURA material is highly durable and looks good, so I’m going to want this one as well. The silhouette when you wear it is beautiful, so your legs will look longer (laughs).

The long pants also look pretty good, so if you have both for autumn, you can use them according to the scene.

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