New travel trend for young people, ‘mini vacation’ becomes mainstream in China

New travel trend for young people, 'mini vacation' becomes mainstream in China

Chinese youth travel has become more individualized in recent years, and “flight + hotel” and “long-distance travel” are no longer the norm. The Travel Guide for Young People released by the travel information site Ma Bei Wo on the 29th reveals the new travel trends of today’s young travelers. Among young Chinese, concerts, art exhibitions, museums and even hot food are reasons to travel.

It is more important to enjoy the weekend than to travel far away

Weekends are becoming more important for young people as “mini vacations” become mainstream. According to survey data from Ma Beihua, more than 80% of young people believe that “at this stage, having fun every weekend is more important than traveling long distances. Relaxation, harmony and socializing have become a new real demand for young people to travel. ing.

Statistics show that more than 75% of young people want to participate in activities that allow them to socialize with others on weekends, with flying discs, flag football, bazaars and parties being popular. Fifty-eight percent of young people also want to “recharge” by spending weekends in nature, with stand-up paddleboarding yoga, kayaking, barbecue camping and cycling among the most popular. Young people are “recharging their minds” through a healthy, relaxed lifestyle. In addition, the strength of “immersiveness” is also an important factor, and immersive and participatory entertainment such as escape games, murder mysteries, and improvised comedies that provide realistic experiences are also popular, with 43% of young people doing so.

■Culture, gourmet food, and beautiful seasonal scenery are reasons for young people to travel

“Culture” has become a factor that encourages young people to travel. In spring, summer and autumn, young people travel to various parts of China to participate in music festivals. According to Ma Bei Wo’s Travel and Recreation Big Data, in 2022, 42.82% of travelers who will travel to places where music festivals are held will be in the post-80s (born in the 1980s) and post-90s (born in the 90s). is 41.95%.

Museums and art exhibitions are attracting young people with ingenious projects and cultural creative goods, and their appeal is only increasing. Among those who like to visit museums and visit exhibitions, those in their 80s account for 41.74%, making it the top. After 90, it is 32.1%. Sanxingdui Museum’s blind box with the theme of “Wish for Good Luck”, Gansu Museum’s bronze statue of “Mata Fei Yan”-themed stuffed animals, and the National Palace Museum’s ornaments, “Chozu” (decorations permitted to be worn by high-ranking officials of the Qing Dynasty). Young people like earphones with the motif of the Yinhuo Museum, and ice cream that is very popular on the Internet.

According to statistics from Ma Beihua’s platform, the top five most popular museums (exhibitions) this year are Sanxingdui Museum, National Palace Museum, National Museum of China, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Shaanxi History Museum.

In addition to culture and art, post-90 people also love gourmet food, and account for over 45% of those who go on a gourmet trip. Gourmet documentaries such as “Taste China,” “The Story of Chuaner,” and “Once Upon a Bite,” are important reference points for travel destinations. .

In this year’s list of the most lively cities, Changsha takes the top spot. Local gourmet food popular on the Internet, such as the restaurant district “Wen Hoyu”, which reproduces the retro Changsha cityscape, and the tapioca shop “Chagao Etsushiki,” became popular, and the street stalls on the roadside became very lively at night. The lifestyle of Changsha is the biggest factor attracting young tourists. Looking at the top five rankings, “Changsha” is followed by Chongqing, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Guiyang. Every city offers an “unforgettable taste” to travelers. It is worth noting that the border city of Yanji (Jilin Province), whose local cuisine is currently a hot topic, is also ranked.

According to the “Modern Youth Travel Guide”, “seasonal beautiful scenery” is an experience that young people definitely don’t want to miss. For example, go to Linzhi in the spring to see the peach blossoms, go to Kunming in the early summer to see the hollyhocks, and watch the launch of rockets. Local seasonal recreation has become popular among young people. (Provided/People’s Network Japanese Version/Edited/KN).

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