“Pop Team Epic” Amapura is a topic with different content

Pop Team Epic

The first episode of the second season, which is a new work of the TV anime “Pop Team Epic” (Pop Teampi), was broadcast on TOKYO MX and others on October 1, and the cast was changed in the first half and second half like the first season. . Also, the content of the story is the same on TOKYO MX and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, but it is distributed with some different content on Amazon Prime Video, and on the Internet, “The content is different between the Amazon version and the TV broadcast version,” and “Yariyagatta! !w” and “The content after the ED was really different in the Amapura version” has become a hot topic.

“Pop Team Epic” Season 2/Episode 1 scene cut (C) Bukubu Okawa/Takeshobo/King Records

 In the midst of this, attention is gathering about who will be in charge of the voices of Popuko and Pipimi this time around, with Aya Hirano playing Popuko and Minori Chihara playing Pipimi in the first half of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. (*Hirano as Haruhi Suzumiya and Chihara as Yuki Nagato). In the second half, Kazuhiko Inoue played the role of Popuko and Ryo Horikawa played the role of Pipimi.

 In addition, this new work will be exclusively distributed by Amazon Prime Video and will be distributed simultaneously on TikTok LIVE and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, making it the first time in history that TikTok will simultaneously distribute terrestrial TV animation. rice field.

 And what surprised the fans was that the free talk scene that played after the ED was different between the TV broadcast version (*including Nico Nico Live) and the Amazon Prime Video version in both the first and second halves. Popuko and Pipimi chatted on the theme of “Public Domain” in the TV broadcast version and “Pop Team Pi 2 disk, buy?” in the Amazon Prime Video version.

 To this, the fans said, “Pop Team Epic won’t disappoint…” “This is the one you should watch on TV and also on Amapura!” and reacted. On Twitter, “#Pop Team Epic” ranked No. 1 in trends despite being broadcast late at night.

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