Posture improvement, warped waist, bulging belly…

Posture improvement, warped waist, bulging belly...

Abs, squats, planks… I’m doing various muscle training, but I can’t get the body I want. Repeatedly rebounding, it is difficult to lose weight. For those who have such worries, yoga creator aya says, “If you’re not getting results even if you try hard, go back to the basics. , you’ll be able to do the right moves,” he says. It is said that the pelvic floor muscles are difficult to train because it is difficult to understand the sensation of moving them. The only thing that can be trained is the “butthole”. We asked about the “hole training” that aya advocates to train the anal muscles.

■The most common concerns about improving posture and curving back… The meaning of building a solid foundation. She teaches 200 lessons a month and performs at yoga events at the same time. When I give lessons to a large group of people, I often receive requests like, “It’s yoga, but please make it something that everyone can do, like stretching.” “Many of the yoga poses are difficult if the body is not flexible, and it is very difficult for those who try it for the first time. The most common complaints are the improvement of posture and the curvature of the lower back.”


Regardless of age or gender, even people who are not good at moving their bodies can easily take on the challenge. “Anal tightening” that is the base of hole training “You can incorporate it into your daily life”

The movement that is the basis of “hole training” is to tighten the anus. Strengthening the anal muscles stabilizes the pelvis and helps maintain correct posture. Even if you are sitting, you can do it while standing, so it is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

1. Softly close the crack in the
buttocks 2. Bring the wrinkles in the butthole to the

center “Pull the wrinkles in the hole to the center” is the same feeling as holding back a fart. Hold it for about 5 to 10 seconds and loosen it. You can do this at any time, whether you’re on the train or sitting down. It’s not your buttocks that you put pressure on, so feel your buttocks with your hands to make sure they aren’t stiff.”

 If you’re not conscious of anything, whether you’re sitting or standing, your upper body will just rest on your buttocks and leg muscles. The more weight you put on, the more black the base of your buttocks will look like bedsores. “Since the muscles in the buttocks are so large, they can support the body even if they are just sitting down. If you put it in the inside of your navel, it will not be the big buttocks muscles, but the inner muscles of the pelvic floor muscles that will support you firmly and stably, so let’s start there.”

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