Streamer Fuslie shares terrifying childhood incident caused by Pokemon

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Streamer Fuslie, known for creating content with 100 Thieves, recently revealed a horrifying childhood incident that occurred out of excitement for a new episode of Pokémon. Fuslie recounted his experience of nearly losing his own eye during a stream with his fellow creators Valkyrae and ExtraEmily.

As a child, Fuslie was an avid Pokémon fan and eagerly awaited the latest episodes. One morning, she woke up late and realized she wouldn’t be able to make it to the premiere of the new episode. In her excitement she grabbed her blanket and tried to head to her mother’s room, but in her hurry she slipped on her blanket and hit the corner of her mother’s bed, hitting her in the eye. I did.

Fuslie describes the impact as a sudden blow, briefly knocking him unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she could see blood dripping from her face and a large gash near her eye. Fortunately, Fuslie’s injuries did not cause her to lose her eye, but she did require stitches.

Looking back on the incident, Fuslie realized how lucky he was that his eyes were intact. Her doctor emphasized the severity of this situation and stated that she could have permanently lost her eye.

Despite the frightening experience, Fuslie continued to enjoy episodes of Pokémon during his childhood. Although she missed that particular episode, she made up for it by watching countless episodes over the next few years.

This story is a reminder of the impact and influence a beloved franchise like Pokemon has on its fans. It also emphasizes the importance of caution and safety even in moments of excitement and anticipation.

– Streamer: Usually refers to an individual who plays video games or communicates with an online audience.
– Pokémon: Pokémon is a popular media franchise featuring the fictional creatures Pokémon, including video games, trading card games, and an animated television series.
– Excitement: the state of being eager, enthusiastic, or excited about something.
– Content creator: A person who creates and shares various types of content (videos, articles, artwork, etc.), primarily on online platforms.

– Liam Ho. “100 Thieves streamer Fuslie shares the story that shocked Valkyrae and ExtraEmily about how she almost lost her eye from excitement over a new episode of Mother.” (URL provided) Not)

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