Thai women’s volleyball forward to hit the Dominican with great power, a long duel, 5 sets, ending the first round.

Thai women's volleyball forward to hit the Dominican with great power, a long duel, 5 sets, ending the first round

Thai women‘s volleyball forwards to the Dominican Republic, the most powerful, long duel, 5 sets, ending the first round of the Women’s Volleyball World Championship 2022 ( Women’s World Champs 2022 ), the first round, Group B, the final match in Muang Klang Poland Thailand women’s national volleyball team meets Dominican Republic national team The competition will be held on October 1, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Thailand time.

This game is very important to qualifying. For certainty, Coach Duang Danai still adheres to the first 6 main characters, consisting of Pornphan Kerdprach (C), Hattaya Bamrungsuk, Chatchuon Moksri, Pimpitchaya Kokram, Atcharaporn Kongyot, Taddao Nuk. Jang and Piyanuch Pannoi are independent receivers.

On the side Marcos Kwiek , Dominican coach has sent Newerga Marte (C), Bethany de la Cruz, Candida Arias, Brajelin Martinez. H, Gila Gonzalez, Ginery Martinez and Brenda Castilo were on the receiving end of Brenda Castelio.

started the game with a close match. It seems that this game Thai girls are obviously stronger. After being slapped several times in the 2022 Nations League, Thailand tried to keep the score that led 2 points, but was hit by Marte’s serve ball until he caught 8-8 points.

The quick coach saw a bad posture. When a Thai girl is hit by Dominicans, scores continuously until they turn up to lead 12-10 until they have to ask for a time-out to change the game. Come back to play again, Thai girls must gather both strength and new strength. Until making a point, chasing close to 17 – 18 before the end of the set to exchange handicap points, dragging up to 29 – 29, finally being a Thai girl who collected the first set 31 – 29, leading 1 – 0 sets the game started again with a close match. The two teams took a turn to score fun. The Dominican also has the advantage of Thai women in height, causing many times in high-set football. Making Thai girls unable to block, making this set Dominican has a slight advantage, leading 9 – 5. Thai girls still can’t score close. The coach urgently has to ask for a time off. As well as changing players, Dominican still leads 15 – 9.

Thai girls are also facing difficult situations. When this set, the Dominican machine starts to stick with more toughness. along with the exact slap ball making it difficult for Thai girls to get their points back The Thai national team trails 13-21, although Thai girls try to score points as carefully as possible. But in the end, the Dominicans won this set: 25 – 16, tied 1 – 1 set.

Dominican Republic, continues to heat up. Open your head to lead Thai girls from the beginning of the set However, Thai women also do not give up easily. Try to stay in your own game until you get some points back. But the score is still followed by a distance of 3 – 6, the Thai girl still fights to score, still not declining, 8 – 11, but this time.

Come back to play again, Chatchuon is still being served by the ball continuously. The Dominicans have to cut off the Thai national team’s offensive game. But Thai girls still solve the situation very well. Which this match seems to be Atcharaphon Kongyot, who looks outstanding from the first set. Helped the team several times 13 – 16, but the coach urgently had to call to fix the game again. Came back to chase this time, scored well, came in a row, 16 – 17, but in the end, still being beaten by the Dominicans 25 – 21, turning up to lead 2-1 set

set, this set, the coach urgently sent Sasipaporn Chanthavisut to hope to change the game. But there was a problematic moment from the beginning of the set. But the early game is still considered close. Thai girls can still have fun fighting Dominicans. It seems that both of them are starting to have obvious errors in the service ball. And is a Thai girl who is tighter than the scorer, leading 18 – 15. Makos Kwik has to ask for a time-out.

come back to play Both teams exchanged points for fun. Even the points that the Thai national team is far away from are still not underestimated. Thai girls are so focused on every child. At the end, the more it squeezes the heart. When Thai girls take the lead 23 – 20 before the Thai national team can close this set 25 – 22 draw 2 – 2 sets .

set, this deciding set, Thai girls try to maintain the standard from the fourth set as well. Exchange points for fun And is a Thai girl that is more certain, leading 11 – 6 Dominicans, trying to use the same formula to fight, but can’t chase it, it turns out that Thai volleyball Successfully close the game 15 – 11

The result of the Thai women’s volleyball match won the Dominican 3 – 2 sets 31 – 29 , 16 – 25 , 21 – 25 , 25 – 22 and 15 – 11.

Thai girls volleyball The competition will be held again during the 4th – 9th October 2022. The competition program will be announced after the first round. It will meet with competitors from Group C, which must come to win that. Ask Thai girls to compete in a time that is favorable to Thai people because the second round will have time to compete in the second round, which is 20.00 and 22.30.

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