These are the 5 pieces of equipment you need for trail running beginners

These are the 5 pieces of equipment you need for trail running beginners.JPG

What is trail running

Trail running is an activity that has become increasingly popular in recent years, running on unpaved roads such as mountains and fields. You don’t have to keep running from the start to the finish line, you can walk on steep uphill slopes.

To reach the finish line in high altitude mountains, it is most important to know your own body well and allocate your pace before competing for speed.

Why trail running is recommended for experienced runners

Trail running is a sport that is gradually gaining recognition due to the recent boom in running and mountaineering.

In particular, there are cases where people who are running have unexpectedly become addicted to trail running when they start trail running. Here are some reasons why we recommend trail running for those who are already running!

The exhilaration of running in nature

Isn’t there a lot of people who say “I’m tired of the scenery” the longer their running history is? Trail running runs through nature such as mountains, so you can enjoy different scenery every time even in the same place or course depending on the season, time of day, and weather.

Even those who usually run on paved roads can get a more refreshing feeling by doing trail running for a change of pace.

Less burden on the legs than paved roads and can be trained

Unlike running on asphalt, trail running is relatively soft with leaves and debris. Gentle on your legs, you can train your body.

You may think, “But isn’t it easy to get hurt by slipping or falling on rocks or tree roots?” It leads to training muscles that could not be attached only by running and muscle training.

Stay cool in summer

It is said that for every 100m increase in altitude, the temperature drops by 0.6°C. If you want to run in the summer too, you can run in the mountains in a cooler environment. You can enjoy running without losing extra physical strength running in the strong reflection of the asphalt.

Even people who can’t win on paved roads can beat trail running! ?

In running, we often run on flat roads, but some people say that they are good at running on slopes. Some people who started trail running because they are good at uphills and downhills say, “I found out that trail running is more suitable than paved roads.”

Once you get used to climbing up and down the mountain, the paved slopes will disappear!

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5 pieces of equipment you need for trail running

When you start trail running, you may be worried that you need a lot of equipment, but it is possible to keep the equipment as light as possible for comfortable running.

First, let’s take a look at the 5 pieces of equipment you’ll need.

①Trail running shoes

Trail running shoes have more uneven soles than normal running shoes, so they are less slippery on bumpy and soft road surfaces.

In addition, there are times when I run while avoiding tree roots and stones, and I often run like stepping. Therefore, since the load is applied to the side of the foot, it is made to suppress the blurring. The toe part is also coated, so even if it hits a stone, it will not affect your feet.

Running in regular running shoes puts extra strain on your body trying to prevent you from slipping, and you might end up hurting your legs. You can buy them online, but you should go to a store and have them fitted properly before purchasing the ones that fit your feet.

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