Why have good standing posture?

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Having good posture can be prescribed by a doctor as well as strongly advised by a personal development coach. As you will have understood, the way we hold ourselves has great consequences on our life. But before we go through all the reasons why you should have good posture, what exactly is good posture?

What is good posture?

It is in fact the most elongated position of the spine, the one where muscular work is minimal between the knees and the base of the neck. You must therefore extend your bust as much as possible by positioning your shoulders backwards without bending your back excessively. Your neck and your head should be a perfect extension of the spine. In fact, the hips, the base of the neck, and the head must be three points aligned: Be careful, the correct position must never seem “unnatural” to you.

  • Pelvis below the shoulders
  • Sternum in line with the pubis
  • Chest slightly raised
  • Chin parallel to the floor
  • Horizontal gaze straight ahead
  • Shoulders relaxed back

Watch out for health issues!

Adopting a good posture as soon as possible will save you from many health problems: herniated disc, osteoarthritis, lumbago, sciatica, kyphosis, scoliosis or lordosis… Indeed, this will limit the tensions between the different tissues of the body. Considered the evil of the century, low back pain is the leading cause of disability before the age of 45. According to the National Health Insurance Fund for salaried workers, 80% of French people will suffer from back pain at least once in their life. It is therefore not an epiphenomenon.

Be careful, bad posture can very well be painless for many years. Very often, major back problems are the consequences of several decades of poor posture.

Also a guarantee of success?

In addition to preserving your health, adopting a good posture will allow you to be more successful socially. Good posture makes your figure leaner and more athletic. It also sends a message of self-confidence and mastery. You will therefore not only be more attractive to the opposite sex, but also more charismatic and authoritarian in your professional, friendly or family relationships… The people around you will be much more likely to listen to you, and take your point of view into consideration. seen. It’s simple, with good posture, life will be more likely to turn in your favor.

So how do you force yourself to have good posture if it doesn’t come naturally to you? Because it is very important to make it a habit of life and not a short-term intervention. This is the main difficulty. When you decide to correct your posture over the long term: you think about it for a moment, you straighten up, and then 5 minutes later, you forget, and the posture becomes bad again.

A viable solution would be to wear a posture corrector vest. This accessory can allow you to take good habits that can last in the long term. Use it first for a few hours a day for several weeks. Once you feel the habit has been formed, stop wearing the vest, and observe if the bad posture returns naturally. If so, go back to wearing the vest for a while. Repeat the exercise until the correct posture becomes perfectly natural. If you want to know more about how to correct your posture and relieve your back problems, we have written a more complete article on the subject .

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